The nail art trend continues to prevail and with so many ideas everywhere like on Pinterest, it’s easy to recreate your favorite nail art mani and bring life to an otherwise boring monochromatic set of nails. Most of us tend to wear colors like oxblood, black, and nude during the winter months but it’s time to add a little color and the graffiti mani is the perfect way to start.

You’ll need 3 basic things for this mani: white nailpolish, plastic wrap, and tin foil. Aside from white nail polish, you’ll also need at least 3 different neon colors of your choice. Now, follow these steps:

1. Apply a coat or 2 of the white nail polish. Some are thicker than others so you may need to apply additional coats.
2. On the tin foil, dot your other nail polish colors a few times close together.
3. Take a piece of plastic wrap and crumble it up. Then, dip it in the colorful nail polishes. Take any excess nail polish and dot it on the tin foil.
4. Apply this on your nails.
5. Clean the edges.

Voila! Now you have you’re perfect colorful mani without having to visit a salon.