Picking the perfect perfume is a lot more difficult than it seems. With the countless options when you walk into stores like Sephora and Nordstrom, it would appear that picking one that suits your fancy is very simple when there’s a lot more to it. The scent has to suit your personality, suit your budget, and most importantly, work with your own body’s chemistry.

Then there’s a whole other topic if you’re looking to attract a significant other because certain scents attract men and others trigger women so picking one will depend on what you need it for. The scent complexity is rather big but we’ve got some tips that will make your scent search a whole lot easier.


1. Test out as many perfumes as you can. It’ll help you find out what scents you’re attracted to the most (floral, musky, fruity, etc.).
2. Once you’ve rounded up your choices, ask if you can get a sample to try. Some perfumes work better than others with your body’s chemistry so it’s important to find out if you like the final scent once applied.
3. If you can’t find a signature perfume, make your own. If you’ve found an almost perfect perfume but feel it needs a touch of another scent, add an essential oil to it like lavender or vanilla.
4. Single and looking for a man? Studies show men are attracted to vanilla so look or ask for perfumes with vanilla undertones.