Dark lips are one of makeup’s hottest trends in the fall and winter months with practically everyone wearing them including celebs and models. Burgundies, reds, and berries—we can’t get enough! Not to mention that they were on the runways as well so it’s must for every fashionista to try at least once.

We have to admit that although it looks stunning when done right, it can be tricky at times especially when it comes to picking the right shade. Because of this, we have a few easy rules to follow when trying out this look:

1. Dewy skin. Dark lips can be quite draining so radiant and lively skin is a must. You can do this by adding a few drops of your favorite face oil to your foundation.

2. Minimal makeup. Aside from foundation, you need to keep it as natural as possible so just a bit of eyeliner and mascara will do.

3. Pick the right shade. Look for celebs with your own skin color and undertones as a guide for your own lip color.

4. Not ready for dark lips? Wear a tint. If you want to test the waters first before going in then a tint is a great way to start. Build up the color once you start feeling comfortable and go for lipstick once you’re ready.

5. Berry looks great on everyone. If the vampy look isn’t for you, try a berry a color.

For more tips, watch the video!