Cleansing balms are the new “it” product at the moment and could very soon replace your cleansing foam and wipes. If you follow a cleansing routine religiously, you know tedious it can be removing makeup starting with a makeup wipe or cleansing oil, then an eye makeup remover, and lastly the foam or cream cleanser. Makeup towelettes are great but can tug at the skin too much and often are filled with alcohol that strips the skin of it’s moisture; cleansing oils are very useful but don’t always get rid of everything so there’s always a need to follow up with foam. Although it may be hard to believe that one single product can replace all of this, we’ll tell you why you should be switching over to the almighty cleansing balm.


It starts off as a solid and liquefies on contact. Balms often are often seen as dense, heavy products but once it makes contact with the skin, it turns into a liquid that disolves makeup. It gentler than a makeup wipe as it slides on your face rather than tug on it.

Moisturizing. Often makeup wipes and cleansing oils have alcohol and that strips your skin of natural oil. Cleansing balms do the opposite as they deliver moisture to the face leaving it soft and less tight.

Removes even waterproof makeup. More often than not, it’s necessary to buy regular makeup remover and then waterproof makeup remover because the regular on just doesn’t remove the makeup well leading to extra skin tugging. Balms are thick enough to remove even the heaviest of waterproof foundation and eye makeup.

Cleansing balms are great for every skin type but dry to normal skins benefit more as their skin will enjoy the extra moisture. We love the classic balm from Eve Lom ($50.00) along with the muslin cloth but for a more affordable version of Eve’s, Clinique’s Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm ($28.50) works just as great.