There are things we avoid in our everyday lives to avoid getting wrinkles like smoking, drinking (maybe not completely), and stressing. We make sure to moisturize properly, apply SPF, and drink lots of water to keep the skin plump and looking young. It seems we’ve got this anti-aging thing worked out, right?

Well, you might want to think again. Something as simple as going to bed at night or taking off your favorite waterproof mascara may be causing crow’s feet around your eyes.

See how these sneaky reasons could be causing you to get wrinkles.

Sleeping on your side. If you’re a side-sleeper at night, your face hits the pillow and is pushes your cheeks up. This can cause wrinkles around your eyes, especially in the area between the high points of your cheekbones and your eyes. The chest area can suffer too so try your best to sleep on your back. There are special pillows that can help out with this task as well.

Touching your face. Anything from squinting, to rubbing your eyes and leaning on your hands can all cause wrinkles. Your face isn’t meant to be pulled or tugged at so you should see your face as a part of your body that is off-limits. This means removing eye makeup should be done as gentle as possible, even if it’s waterproof so opt out of cleansing cloths if possible.

Applying moisturizer. When applying moisturizer, you should always use an upward and out motion. Think about it: your face is constantly fighting against gravity that pulls it down so doing the opposite is a real treat for it.

Sugar. Sweets have a special place in every woman’s life (especially chocolate) but your skin doesn’t enjoy it as much as your taste buds do. Sugar damages collagen and elastin so that means older looking skin sooner than you’d like. Limit your sugar intake and pay special attention to hidden sugar in vegetables like carrots and sweet peppers.