Photo Credit: David Hare/Barcroft Images

Tess Daly Is A Role Model Of The Beauty Community

Beauty and fashion are all about self-expression. It’s about being yourself and showing others who you are without fear of acceptance. Tess Daly is a living example that beauty can shine, no matter what the odds.

Tess Daly, at only 30 years old, has Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) type 2, which is a degenerative disease that attacks nerve cells controlling muscle tissue in the body. She was first diagnosed when she was 18 months old and the condition has only gotten worse over the course of her life. But that hasn’t stopped Tess from becoming an Instagram sensation with over 200,000 followers. Followers flock to her Instagram daily to see her phenomenal beauty stylings.

Tess, a criminology graduate, realized that her aspirations as a social worker would be too demanding given her condition. So she decided to do something that she loves: Fashion. “I’m just someone doing what they love and sharing that with others, but if some good comes out of it too, then great,” Tess stated. She never let her condition stop her from achieving her dreams and finding happiness in her own beauty.