With so many different hairstyles these days, it can be hard to keep up. These new long hairstyle trends might inspire you from cutting your hair short. After all, who doesn’t love Rapunzel? Flowing, long, silky hair is always beautiful and chic!

First are casual braids. Whether it’s french braids, fishtails, or bubble braids, it always looks so beautiful on long hair. Another thing that can really make your long hair stand out more are cascading highlights. They really add a little extra beauty to anyone’s hair. Another thing that looks great and is super trendy, but you could never do it if you had short hair are long bangs. They look so pretty and elegant and bangs are everything right now!

Sassy and cute, slick-back high ponytails have seriously made a comeback. With long hair, it looks as if you have a flowing waterfall which always looks cool. Another thing that looks so amazing with long hair are long layers. They not only add depth to your hair, but they also show off your facial features and give your hairstyles so much more detail.

Last but not least, scarf wrapped buns. With everyone wearing scarves and bandannas in their hair these days, it’s no surprise that the bun evolved to incorporate a braided scarf. It looks super cool and everyone’s eyes will look in your direction for sure! Consider long hair this season, for endless amounts of styles and ideas.