It can be a hassle having to wait for your nail polish to dry. You always have to worry about smudges and being careful about everything you touch. With new inventions every day, there is now a quick dry nail polish that has taken the beauty world by storm! Though some may be skeptical if it actually works, here is the scoop on how well it really works.

When it comes to quick dry polish, there are many different brands to choose from. Brands like NYC, Sally Hansen, and OPI, all make quick dry polishes. The reason that these polishes are able to dry quicker than normally are because they use ingredients like resins, plasticizers, pigment and pearls, film formers, and solvents.

They only change the ratio of the ingredients, not the recipes. Though quick dry nail polishes are great for on the go and in a rush, they do reduce drying time can cause the film formers to not be able to set a proper film.

Also, contrary to what most people think, your nail polish is not going to instantly dry in less than a minute. Yes they do reduce the drying time, but it does not eliminate it. So yes, quick dry nail polishes work but it’s better to use it if you are in a serious beauty emergency.