Getting your eyes to look bright and awake in the morning can be a challenge no matter how much sleep you got the night before. There are factors like puffiness, discoloration, and even redness in and around the eyes that can prevent your eyes from looking the brightest they can be. But with the help of a few products, you’ll look have more youthful looking eyes in no time.

Here a few tricks you’re going to want to try in the morning if you want your eyes to look more awake:

Cool tea bags. If you drink tea in the AM, don’t throw out your tea bags as they can really help out with puffiness in the eye area. Put 2 green tea bags (previously steeped) for a few minutes and then on your eyes for another 2~3 minutes. Works great as well with your favorite eye patches.
Eye cream. Before you put on any makeup, make you’re your eyes are well hydrated. This will give them an instant boost of hydration and will make them look livelier as well.
erasepasteSalmon or orange correctors for discoloration. If you have issues with deep blues, purples, and reds, you need a corrector before you apply any concealer or foundation to cancel them out. Salmon works great for fair to some medium skin tones and orange corrects medium to dark skin tones.
Curl your lashes. You’ve probably heard this one before but curling your lashes really does make a difference. Even if you don’t apply mascara, simply curling them can make a difference.
Fix your eyebrows. Brush them up and out, fill in here and there, and highlight the bone. Brows are part of the eye area too, ya know!
nudepencilNude waterline pencil. This one is a must to make your eyes look instantly bigger, brighter, and less red. Apply some among the waterline for naturally bigger-looking eyes.
Highlight that inner corner. Apply a bit of your highlighter to the inner corner to bring light to the eyes.
Concealer. Last but not least is the one product that fixes everything in a pinch. Use a concealer a shade lighter than your natural skin tone so that the area looks brighter that the rest of your face.
To see more tricks and tips, check out the video playlist.
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