Blue comes in so many different shade it would probably take a lifetime to wear them all, we love blue in general but one stand out shade has stolen our hearts this fall. Electric blue is a favorite of ours as well as a favorite of many celebrities and designers as well.  We’ve seen this stunning shade of blue on fashion icons like Jessica Alba, Kate Middleton, Kim Kardashian and Sofia Vergara.  We love electric blue gowns as well as electric blue accent pieces like blazers, leggings, bangle bracelets and especially shoes.  We’ve seen this color in super polished and sophisticated looks as well as casual everyday street wear, proving its versatility and wearability.

For a simple way to work electric blue into your wardrobe we suggest a little accent pieces like a scarf for example, an electric blue scarf is a great way of rocking the trend in an understated way.  For the upcoming holiday party season we highly recommend investing in an electric blue mini dress. The dress will be show stopping and attention grabbing, and the color is far more refreshing than the typical red, black or silver dresses you would normally see during the holiday season.  As for wearing electric blue on a casual basis we recommend a pair of electric skinny jeans,  they can be easily pairing with tank tops and t-shirts.

Try The Trend Tips

Ready to rock some electrifying electric blue fashion, we hope so and to help keep you looking chic here are a few fashion tips to keep in mind.

Electric blue is one of those rare colors than looks good in both small and large quantities, so feel free to be bold and brazen with your clothing choices.

Invest in some electric blue pumps, we love the way they look with cropped white trouser in the spring time, and with a deep richly colored leather skirts in the fall.

To make the most of bright electric blue pair it with a piece that has a holographic finish for an even more unique and stylish look.