Whataburger, a privately held fast food restaurant chain which is based in San Antonio, Texas decided to blend fashion with food. This action is considered a very bold step for the restaurant judging from the fact that food fashion hasn’t been as successful as it used to be in the last decade. However, most people remain watchful and prepared for whatever fashion trend the holiday would bring. And Whataburger came to the rescue.

The Christmas sweater is dearly loved just like the restaurant itself. It goes for $42.99 and it is currently sold out! The sweater gets you into the Christmas mood and maybe that is why people love it. The product page online reads: Bring the spirit to your next holiday party! And no doubt, the long sleeve orange sweater with white letters having the Whataburger logo, fry shapes, trees, and snowflakes has been able to bring the spirit to the holiday party even before it starts.

The sweater is machine washable with a 100 percent acrylic material. So when you smear it with any spicy ketchup from Whataburger, it would be easy for you to get it neat once more.

Whataburger has been able to revive the food fashion. That perfect blend of food and fashion has come to stay. Diversity in fashion is what makes us want more and that is what Whataburger has been able to achieve. The Christmas sweater is more than just a sweater it is a product of concise research and market study.

For a regional fast food restaurant, it is amazing how they have been able to make ground breaking sales on the chain website within a short while. I guess the spirit of Christmas did arrive early. The next shipment according to the website should be around December 5. Get ready to click the order button