A Closet Truly Fit For Monaco Royalty

Grace Kelly, an American film actress later known for the marriage that made her Princess of Monaco, was known for many things: her beauty, her talent, and even her wardrobe. She was in many films throughout her career, though she took to retirement at the age of 26 when she entered her marriage.

It was recently announced that Grace’s wardrobe will soon be going on display at the Christian Dior Museum, just in time to be shown for what would have been her and Prince Ranier III’s 60th wedding anniversary. Grace was known by many as the Princess in Dior, and the display will be titled after this nickname, with the name Grace of Monaco: Princess in Dior.

The showcase will share 85 dresses from her personal collection–gowns which have been properly preserved in Monaco since her untimely death following a vehicle crash in 1982.

Grace was known for often wearing Dior gowns to notable events, like her engagement party, first portrait as Princess of Monaco, and even casually in her day-to-day life. She was essentially a Dior poster child and the museum has taken note.

For more information or to take a look at the story of Grace Kelly’s wardrobe display, check out the video above.