Nobody has perfect skin. If you struggle from acne flare ups, it can make you feel less confident and not like yourself! Whether it’s just hormonal, not eating healthy, or from regular stress, the struggle can seriously be real. Other than trying to relax a bit and eat cleaner, if you want to get your skin clean and hydrated, there’s a product you need! It’s a quick fix for painful breakouts and the acne product only costs $6!

If you have hopper on the pimple patch trend you may or may not have heard about this product that helps get rid of those annoying spots. There quite a few acne products on the market, but probably the most raves about this Fall has been the Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patches, and the Peace Out Acne Healing Dots. You can even find them on amazon for only $6!

Pimple patches are basically little fluid absorbing bandages that you can stick on your skin and draw out the fluid that’s inside your pimples in-case you try to pop or pick at anything. They are great for wearing when your sleeping too, so you know your pimple is protected from tosses and turns! If you want to get rid of those stubborn spots, this product is seriously worth a go!