Braids of all sorts are one this season’s hottest trends and celebrities everywhere caught on quick. We’ve seen countless celebs like Nicole Richie, Katy Perry, and most notably, Selena Gomez. Selena has been a big wearer of this trend not only for street style but red carpets and concerts as well. Because her hair is quite long and plentiful, she’s able to recreate full side braids and beautiful half headband braids well.


We’re big fans of the half headband braid because it’s super simple and looks great on almost every hair length. Unlike the chunky side braid, you don’t need medium to long hair to recreate her headband braid and it can be done in a snap. The key to the headband braid is to do an inside-out French braid where instead of going over with each hair piece, you take it under. If you want it to look a bit more effortless, pull out some parts of the braid.

If you’d like to see a tutorial from Selena’s personal hairstylist for the headband braid and two additional braid styles, check out the video.