Hailey Bieber Enters The Beauty Industry

Hailey Bieber is taking her familiarity with makeup through her modeling experience and using it to launch a new beauty line. It was recently announced that Bieber filed paperwork with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office to begin a brand called Bieber Beauty. This line would cover beauty and skincare products.

In 2018, we learned that Bieber filed two additional trademarks for clothing brands. These trademarks registered also include two variations of her name: Hailey Bieber and Hailey Baldwin.

While we might have an idea what her upcoming plans will include, Hailey herself has remained quiet when it comes to the brand, but her business motivation comes from the heart. Her mother, Kennya Baldwin, has been mentioned by Hailey to be the reason she understands the importance of an excellent skincare regimen.

Hailey has recalled her curiosity in her mother’s products dating all the way back to her childhood. She spent some time searching through her mom’s makeup/skincare bags, attempting to understand the products and learn the application.

While we don’t yet know details as to when Mrs. Bieber’s lines will release–or what those lines will even include–we will continue to share details as our excitement builds. For more on Hailey Baldwin’s beauty and skincare brands, check out the video above.