Lily-CollinsSay goodbye to the harsh two-tone hair color ombre and welcome the newest hair trend in town—sombre.If you’re already familiar with ombre, you’re not too far from being able to spot someone with sombre; the two- tone concept is still the same but the difference is subtle color transition between your own hair color and a the next lightest color in your hair color family. The word sombre comes from the two words “soft” and “ombre” which makes sombre ombre’s chic little cousin.It seems like sombre is basically a more toned down version of ombre, and really, it is. The beauty world has been obsessed lately with looking natural in every way possible (think of natural brows or fresh face makeup) and hair is included so it gave this trend room to grow due to the “natural” transition of two similar hair colors. It’s a great trend to try for the minimalist girl who can’t be bothered with constant root touch-ups and salon visits.Celebrities have been loving this trend and we’ve seen them everywhere with their subtle hair coloring. From Lily Collins to Jessica Alba and Ciara, we’re thinking this trend is here to stay—at least for this season. Give this trend a try if you’re looking for some subtle color and light. It’s super easy to take care of as you won’t have to run to the salon as often to get root touch-ups. The best part, you ask? If you don’t like it for whatever reason (but we think you will), the cover up is easy as it’s not far from your own color. Or you can grow it out and snip. That easy.  (Image: Getty/John M. Heller)