(Photo Source: Vogue.com)

Super Beauty Secrets From A Supermodel

Ever wonder how supermodels get that signature look? It’s not magic and better yet, it’s something that you can do at home and achieve that stunning and natural look.

Amber Valletta is a fashion model and actress who has accrued more than 16 Vogue covers in her extensive career covering 27 years. At 45 years old, Amber Valletta is still as stunning today as she was when she first started modeling in 1992. But her look isn’t all from makeup designers, and you can have the same flawless look with a few simple tips.

Any good luck starts with face care. Good under eye care and a face mask can really hydrate and remove any fine lines in your complexion. Follow it up with a good moisturizer and sunscreen, your face is thoroughly hydrated and protected from future damage.

To get the natural makeup look, Amber starts with a good concealer to even out skin followed up with a tiny amount of foundation. One special tip is using your finger over a brush for application to not only warm up the makeup but also provide a more natural and controlled look. To finish off the look, eye shadow, and some mascara really highlight your natural eye color.