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Still Handsome As Ever

Kevin Bacon is truly an All-American movie star. From his early days in “Footloose,” Kevin Bacon has stolen the hearts of Americans everywhere and continues to do so even today. I mean, after all, everyone is only three degrees of separation away from the heartthrob. But just what makes Kevin Bacon so damn charming?

Kevin Norwood Bacon is an actor and musician who has been in countless films dating back to the early 1980s and the cult classic Friday the 13th. Throughout his movies, his characters are all deep. None of them are as simple as gun-toting, girl-chasing, alpha males, often his characters are flawed and Kevin Bacon portrays the depth and agony with effortless skill.

As his off-screen life is no different. Something about the way he walks and talks just oozes a certain swagger that is relaxed and fun without being goofy.

At 61 years old, Kevin Bacon is just as charming as he was when we first fell in love with him as a teen from Chicago, Ren McCormack in “Footloose.” Today, Kevin Bacon is starring in a new Showtime series, “City On A Hill,” where he plays a corrupt FBI agent who is taking on crime in the City of Boston.