Nobody likes having damaged, sad hair. Everybody wants to have the healthiest hair they possibly can. With just a few changes to your daily routine, you can quickly revive your luscious strands.

First off, washing your hair less often. Each time you use shampoo in your hair, you are stripping it of its natural oils leading it to being dried out. You shouldn’t wash your hair more than every other day, but you can train your hair to only get washed only three days a week.

There are also plenty of damage repairing shampoo that will help rejuvenate broken locks. It’s also best to use as less hair color as often as you can. Crazy amounts of bleach can lead to serious breakage and dryness.

Heat is one of the leading causes of hair breakage. If you don’t use heat protectant spray and softening oil’s, you are putting your hair in a risky situation. And when you’re drying your hair, opt for cotton-based cloths or T-shirts, instead of drying with towels and blow dryers. It’s also great to get scalp treatments every now and then because it can really make your hair feel alive and thriving.

Putting on leave-in conditioners and natural oils in your hair can really improve the shininess and texture of your hair. Oil infused with coconut, argon, or avocado are especially great. It’s so important to protect and take care of your hair, because it’s just another part of you.