cuff1If you’re a lover of boyfriend jeans or are on the shorter side, you know how real the struggle can be when it comes to the length of the jeans. No matter how awesome they may fit, you’re always dealing with the fact that they need to be cuffed. And when you cuff them, they just don’t look as good as if they fit you like they should. Well, that is if you’re not cuffing them the way we are.
Learn how to cuff those longer jeans by doing it this easy way:
Step 1: Put on your jeans. Obvi.
Step 2: Make one large cuff. It should start where you want the length to be.
Step 3: Make one more fold so you basically cut the first cuff in half. If you want that messy, effortless look, make sure the hem is still slighlty visible. Play around with it a little bit until it looks messy enough.
And that’s it! Cuffing your jeans has never been easier. If you’re going for a cleaner look, be sure to fold the second cuff all the way up so the hem isn’t visible.
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