Losing your eyebrows can be shock no matter what the reason is whether it’s age related, an illness, or chemo treatment. Eyebrows help shape your face and give the illusion of looking younger and livelier so there’s a reason why we love them dearly. If you’ve lost your eyebrows or find they are thinning you know this especially to be true.

Lucky for you, having an illness won’t stop your face from looking framed and beautiful. Fake it till you make it with this easy tutorial. You just need a few products:

MUFEBROWAn eyebrow stencil that matches your original brow shape best (optional if you can see or remember exactly where your shape is)
A small angled liner brush
A brow powder in a taupe color slightly lighter than your brow color
A pencil in your original brow color (gel works great as well)
Setting powder
Setting wax or lacquer
Now follow these simple steps:
Step 1: Define where your brow shape should be by placing the stencil where your eyebrow should be. To get the perfect placement, the beginning of the stencil should align with the inner corner of your eye and the end of the brow should be further out than the corner of your eye slightly. Once you have the proper placement, create a base for your brows by filling in the stencil with just a thin layer of the light taupe brow powder. Repeat on the other side.
browbrushStep 2: Create realistic looking brow hairs by taking your brow pencil and drawing hairs up and out starting from the bottom and with feather-like strokes. Because natural brows are naturally sparse in the inner part and become fuller in the middle and end, concentrate most of the color in those areas and only slightly in the inner part. Be sure to make certain “brow hairs” darker than other for a more realistic effect.
Step 3: Set everything with a loose powder. You can use a puff, sponge, or brush but be sure to use a light hand so you don’t disturb the makeup.
Step 4: For additional setting purposes, you can apply a brow wax or lacquer on top of setting powder. Most brow kits already come with a wax but they’re available in almost all beauty stores.
This tutorial works just as well for people that may have over-plucked their hair or naturally can’t grow hair very well as well. Don’t fret if there isn’t any hair because makeup will always give you a beautiful hand! Check out the video to see how beauty blogger Carly Severn does her brows.
(Cover image: chron.com)