Having a plump pout is something pretty much every girl dreams of at one point or another and with the current obsession with Kylie Jenner’s lips that Hollywood has been having, we all want it even more. Plumper lips instantly make your makeup look a whole lot sexier and make the lip color pop and we’re willing to go out of our way to achieve it—with makeup, of course.

To get fuller lips without having to think about getting surgery or fillers, try out these tricks.

liplinerOver-line your lips. This should be done with a lip liner that matches your own lip color. Line slightly above your natural lip line but avoid going overboard with it to avoid looking sloppy or too fake. Fill in the corners of the lips to about ¼ of the way in.

Highlight the center. Use a nude lip pencil right in the middle of the lips. This will help give the illusion of fuller lips by bringing that part of the lips forward.

Blend with lip pencils together with a lipstick. Because the 2 lip pencils that you used will be obviously different colors, blend them together with a color that’s in between both pencil. Peach or mauve is the way to go so just blend away with your finger or a brush to get rid of any harsh lines.

Top it off with a lip gloss. Nothing makes lips look fuller than lip gloss as it captures the light and brings the pout forward. Apply some on the center of the lips or all over if you’d like.

To see a demonstration of how it’s done, check out the video!
(Cover image: VAMP Magazine)