If you don’t know who Chrissy Teigen is, you might just be living under a rock. If you do, however, you’ve probably noticed that she always seems to be sporting these amazing rocker-chic waves all the time, especially at award ceremonies. They look so effortless yet well styled and we love that she has a medium bob so it’s another hairstyle to add to our short list of bob hairstyles. At the Grammy’s this year, she rocked her waves with a braid on the side and today we have a tutorial on how to recreate that hairstyle at home.


Follow these steps to get red carpet rocker-chic waves:

1. Create a deep sided part.

2. Tease the hair. Do this mostly on the top part (lower crown) to achieve more volume and a bit of a messier look.

3. Curl the hair. Do this to all of the hair with a wand that’s 1 inch for loose waves.

4. Spray dry shampoo to your waves. This will give great texture to the hair and a matte finish.

5. Create a vertical french braid. Do this on the side that doesn’t have the deep part. Once you’ve braided it straight down, bobby pin it behind your ear and hide it with the rest of the hair.

6. Set with hair spray.

You now have red carpet ready hair with a rocker-chic edge. Try this out on your next girl’s night out or a special event!