If you haven’t noticed by now from your extensive makeup tutorial binges on YouTube (story of our lives), the “no makeup” makeup look is trending. It’s everywhere: on runways, magazines, celebrities and pretty much every girl out there who follows beauty trends. It’s a great look that aims for a more natural face and it takes really knowing you stuff to perfecting it.

That being said, makeup artists don’t always give their secrets away so it can be tricky getting right on your own. Lucky for you, we’ve got some tips that will help your get it right once and for all.

Always moisturize. The key to getting your skin to look like skin is prepping it correctly. Pores become smaller and skin looks illuminated when you apply your favorite moisturizer or oil beforehand and makes the foundation blend in seamlessly.

Avoid powders as foundation or blush. Nobody’s skin looks powdery naturally so it’s only natural that fluid foundation is a go-to for this look. Powders can make the skin look extra matte and even thirsty so we recommend always going for a liquid base and cream blusher.

Powders are only ok on the eye area. Eyebrow powder is the way to go because if you use a light hand, the powder will look like a shadow of your natural eyebrow hair and make it look less noticeable. As far as eyelashes, you want to avoid drawing any lines but you can use the same brow powder on the root of your lashes to make them look plentiful. Always remember to use cool undertone taupe powders for a natural look.

Go one shade darker with your lips. Whether you decide to use a lip pencil or tinted lip balm, going one shade darker is best to keep within the same color range as your lips while still keeping it natural.
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