One of life’s (or women’s, at least) simple pleasures is going vintage shopping. There’s nothing like going into a nice vintage boutique and finding pieces that really take you back to the time when it was worn. The textures, the colors, the fabric—we love it all. But often we see pieces and are a bit confused as to how we can incorporate them into our own personal style, especially if it’s completely the opposite of what we usually wear. Today we have a few tips on how to incorporate these vintage pieces into your everyday style.


Stay true to your style. If you’re a vintage newbie, find pieces that look like something you would wear. Just because it’s vintage doesn’t mean it has to be super colorful and out there so pick something that resognates with your current style and work your way up.

Don’t be fooled if it doesn’t look to flattering. Often, we see dresses that may not have the best shape and we skip out on them. Combining a plain vintage dress (or skirt) with some modern heels or flats and a belt at the waist could be the boost that the dress needed.

When in doubt, a cool vintage t-shirt will do. Countless times we’ve seen perfect street style looks with the best Valentino flats and a great blazer only to see that what really makes the look is an old vintage t-shirt. It’s unexpected but gives you major street style points. And besides, who doesn’t like to go down memory lane with a “D.A.R.E” t-shirt?

These are just a few tips that you should keep in mind when pairing vintage and modern. It can be easy to over do it which is why keeping it minimal is important but don’t let that stop you—experiment away!