Menswear is definitely back in and going strong for women everywhere. Men can look so effortless by just throwing on a perfectly tailored two-piece suit and be set for the day so needless to say we’re not the only girls who are jealous of this. Whether it’s just a simple blazer or a full on suit, ray bans and loafers included, we’re pushing guys over and borrowing a few items in their closet. Check out our tips for how to wear this trend best.


For the menswear newbie, stick with just one mens item. It can be a blazer on top of a dress or some loafers instead flats, experiement with one item at a time so you don’t feel to overwhelmed. You don’t need to be much of a risk taker to try out basic menswear so starting off with just one you feel most comfortable with is a good start.

Boyfriend jeans are always safe. Boyfriend jeans have been popular for a while so if dapper isn’t really your style, wearing something as laid back as a comfortable pair of old boyfriend jeans will always look good. We like the idea of wearing them with heels and a messy bun.

Don’t forget to add a feminine touch. Unless you’re a complete tomboy and are completely comfortable in going all out in menswear, it’s a good idea to still showcase some femininity so if you’re wearing a two-piece suit be sure to wear heels and a red lip to let others know there’s still a pretty girl there.

Keep these tips in mind next you want to borrow something out of your boyfriend’s closet to wear this trend best. Check out the video to see other ways to dress in menswear.