Shopping in college, for anything, can be such pain. On top of basically giving the university all of your money and having a serious strain in your pocket, there are also things basic things that you need on an everyday basis like books, food, beer money. But if you’re a fashion girl, you’ll live on ramen noodles just to to have your outfit looking on point in class.

collegeWell, fashion girl, deprive yourself no longer of real food or: we have some tips that’ll help you get the most out of shopping. Keep reading to see how you can save some money while still be a street style star on your campus.
Vintage shopping. This one is almost a given but it’s worthy to be mentioned either way. As we are sure you are well aware, many trends aren’t new: they’re just “new” at the moment. There are plenty of great vintage boutiques everywhere and it’s just a matter of looking. Once you’re there, look for pieces that are trending at the moment and purchase those. Trends to fade quick so they’re not worth splurging tons on.
Online shopping. We love going online to check out Zara, Nasty Gal, and Free People just as much as the next person but they’re on the expensive side if you’re working with a college budget. Although you tend to think of electronics when Amazon and Ebay come to mind, they both have some really great deals in their clothing sections. A lot of the time shipping is even free so it feels like you personally went out to shop.
retailUse your smartphone to shop. There are apps that help you shop at stores that have great sales or discounts going on like RetailMeNot or Groupon. A lot of the times the discount will be upwards of 20% off so you can shop until your heart is content. You can also download your favorite store’s app because many of them have have “mobile offers” that are strictly for mobile purchases. You’re already using your phone during that boring class so you might as well search for some good deals.
To see more on shopping on a college budget, check out the videos!
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