We all love a good, worn-in graphic t-shirt. Maybe you like the one your uncle gave you from that awesome concert he went to back in the day or maybe it’s one that you bought and has a cool message or Lenny Kravitz’ face on it. One thing’s for sure, it’s comfy and you want to wear it all day every day.

If you want to get more outfit looks aside from wearing it to check the mailbox, try out these looks.

graphicteeBoyish style. Out of all the looks you will ever wear, the one borrowed from the boys will always be the most comfortable. Pair your graphic tee with a dark blazer black or dark blue skinny jeans, and some Bordeaux colored loafers. You can go all out androgynous by letting your hair air dry after the shower with minimal product to get that undone look.
For work. Graphic ts aren’t really meant for the workplace (at least not a formal one) but there are ways to cheat the dress code. You can do so by wearing a t shirt that has minimal print like a brand name (Rodarte, for example) or an inoffensive phrase, in a neutral color, and pairing it with a pair of dressy trousers. To cover a bit of the shirt you can wear a blazer, cardigan, or a vest. Dress it up even further by adding accessories that will take some attention away from the shirt like a necklace or stacked bracelets.
Feminine. It’s always great to pair opposites when putting a look together. A graphic t-shirt is the complete opposite of feminine but bringing the two together makes an amazing look. Pair the shirt with an A-line skirt and some ankle-strap heels for the perfect combo. Look extra girl by curling the ends of your hair if it’s long or putting it up in a bun. A red lip brings everything together so don’t leave it out.

To see more ways to wear a graphic t-shirt, check out the videos!

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