Back in your summer camp days or just grade school, making your long shirt a little shorter meant taking off the scrunchie on your wrist and tying your shirt in the back. Or if you had the scrunchie in your hair, you just tied your shirt in a knot and called it a day. The end result wasn’t too pretty as your shirt was probably super stretched out or crinkled and was basically ruined.

longteeNow that you’re an adult (or trying to be one), the scrunchie method won’t go over too well since you’re the one taking care of clothing most likely. If you have an awesome t-shirt or sleeveless shirt that you’ve been wanting to wear but is a little too long, try the bunny ear method. Here’s how:
Step 1: Determine where you want the bunny ears to be. It looks cooler on the side so try it out this way to at least get the hang of it first.
Step 2: Gather the material to the side and split it into 2 parts (bunny ears). Make sure your pinkies are still touching so that the knot isn’t too big.
Step 3: Tie the bunny ears once, roll it over the top, and pull the ears slightly to adjust. Et voilà! The adult version of cropping your shirt.
Check out the video to see how it’s done as well as some cool t-shirt DIY’s!