Ponytails are a great go-to hairstyle for pretty much any occasion even though we all tend to only do it when our tresses are in the way. It can go from messy at the gym to high and voluminous at nighttime party so it’s pretty versatile. It’s also incredibly easy to style, especially the latter, when you have the right tools and products.

If you want to create a voluminous ponytail in no-time, try out this quick tutorial.

highponyWhat you’ll need:
-Texturizing spray
-A comb
-A regular brush
-2 hair elastics
What you need to do:
Step 1: Start out with straight hair. It shouldn’t be stick straight, just blown-out straight so you can create volume and movement. If your hair is already straight, you can skip this step.
Step 2: Back comb the very front part of the hair a bit to create volume. After you’ve done that, spray some texturizing spray all over the roots add more volume.
Step 3. Create half of a ponytail with the top half of your hair. Then, create a second ponytail with the remaining hair and place it as close to the first ponytail you created. Backcomb both ponytails for added volume.
Step 4. Merge both ponytails with a bit of hairspray or you can take the elastics out and make one big ponytail.
Check out the video to see Serge Normant do this voluminous ponytail!
(Image: popsugar.com)