Scarves aren’t just for the colder seasons. Scarves are a classic and timeless piece that will never not be in style. You can update any look you are going for with a chic scarf. Here are the top ways to wear and style a scarf!

First, taking a square style scarf and fold it in half to create triangle shape, then you want to loop the scarf together by simply wrapping it around yourself one time and give it a knot on the side for a super classy look. It’s known as a cowgirl look, and it’s super easy to achieve!

This next look you may have seen at a few festivals, all you do is fold the scarf a triangle shape and tie it in the back. The triangle should be facing the front, and it’s a great way to give an everyday look something extra.

Another cute style you can create with a scarf is a choker style. All you have to do is keep folding your scarf to the desired amount of width and tie the back for a cute choker!

Then, there’s a double wrapped choker, a combination of all the previous styles. You take a square scarf in the folder into a triangle, you wrap it around your neck once so that the ties are in the front.

Next, is the super trendy scarf hairpiece. It’s the classic bandana hairstyle and it’s super easy to achieve! All you have to do is fold it in half and tie it at the top of your head into a bow! Whether your hair is down or in a messy bun it will look cute no matter what! You can even tie or wrap a scarf on your purse!

Scarves are a great way to add a pop of color and give an elegant look to any outfit.