Being called “basic” nowadays can be just as insulting as being called any of the curse words in the book. A “basic” girl in fashion usually refers to someone that doesn’t take chances with their wardrobe and pretty much only wears, well, basics. Sure, being labeled as this might not be something you want to be associated with but wearing basic pieces like mom jeans and a white button-down can be the foundation to a great look with the right incorporation of other pieces and accessories. And besides, in the fashion world it’s not called basic. It’s called normcore.

Don’t get rid of any of your basics. Instead, take these styling tips and turn a basic look into an extraordinary one.


Mom jeans. We’ve all learned by now that mom jeans, once a very, very basic piece, can be really stylish if you really work well with proportions. Try cuffing the jeans at the bottom and go for a solid white crop top or even a turtle neck to make it looked more polished. If you’re staying in the white and light denim blue family, pair the jeans with some heels that are the same color as the jeans.

A basic solid colored jumper. The possibilities are endless with solid colored as it can be the foundation of an amazing look. If you have a basic black jumper, try going the more casual route and go sporty. Throw on a grey, lightweight bomber jacket and some black Nike sneakers. You’ll feel like you’re a model off duty.

Sweats. If you haven’t noticed already, skinny sweatpants are pretty much in every store and major designers like Alexander Wang even make their own version of this gym classic. In order to have a polished look with sweats, it’s all about the material. Don’t go for that chunky, fleece material; instead, go for the thinner material that hugs your legs. If you have sweats like these in dark grey or black, you can easily pair them with a black or navy blazer and some classic black strap heels. You can also skip the blazer and go for a solid button-down shirt and some loafers for a more casual look.
(Cover image: Stockholm Streetstyle)