This spring, it’s all about having fun with eyeshadow colors so get ready with your favorite shades. The runways for this season were full of dusty blues, lilacs, and even pastel greens making for a very feminine makeup season. Designers like Marc Jacobs had two-tone eyeshadows on the models in two separate shades of blue that really made for a fun, fresh look. If you want to try this look, keep reading for a few helpful tips.


Stick to 2 like-tones. If you’re a newbie to this two-tone eye look, the best thing to do is to go for one light shade and another dark of the same color. For example, Marc Jacabs used blue on his models but the lid color was a light metallic blue while the crease had a dark navy blue.

Not a fan of pastel colors? No problem. For a great contrast that still keeps within the two-tone trend, try a warm copper on the lid and a taupe color on the waterline. You’ll be trying out the trend without having to worry about the eye catching colors.

This trend is going to pop up everywhere so be sure to try it out at home to see which colors you feel most comfortable with as it may no be something everyone may like. If you want to see a tutorial of this beauty trend, check out the video!