Concealer can do wonders for that under eye area that can’t be covered by foundation alone after a long night of partying or watching one too many episodes of Orange is The New Black. Although you do your best to hydrate the area well, sometimes discoloration in that area happens and concealer will always be there to help. And if you’re creative enough, the magic of concealers doesn’t stop at your panda eyes: it can help with just about any area on your face.

See how you can get the most of your concealer by trying out these tricks:

Primer for your eyes. If you’re concealer is thick enough, you can use it to not only give you a perfect even color on your lids but also as a great base for eye shadows and liners. Runny or thin concealers usually don’t have great staying power resulting in eye shadow disappearing quickly so go for creamy or thicker consistencies.
correctorAs a highlighter. If the concealer is at least 1 shade lighter than your own, you can use it on the areas you want to bring forward without having to use anything with glitters in them. Apply the concealer to areas like your nose bridge, eyebrow bone, cheekbones, cupid’s bow, and forehead to bring these features forward.
To define your pout. If you’re a fan of wearing bright or rich lipstick colors that stand out, apply some concealer on the cupid’s bow and underneath the bottom lip around the middle. This will make your natural shape stand out more and you can even clean up the area if you’ve made a mistake.
Clean up a cat eye. Sometimes cat eye wings can get a little too thick or look a little off if you don’t have a steady hand. Clean up that area with a bit of concealer on flat brush to get the perfect wing.
Check out the video for more on how you can use your concealer.