Has Festival Fashion Become the New Boho Chic

It was only a little over a decade ago that fashion “it” girl was a bohemian girl. The Sienna Miller and the Olsen twins were making headlines for their chic bag lady ensembles which were comprised of layers and layers or over-sized clothing.

With Phoebe Philo at the Creative helm at Chloe, every girl was a Chloe girl – a free spirit but at the same time still carried the same sort of flashiness and luxury prevalent in 2000s culture. Enter the wave of boho chic. The re-imagination of boho that defined much of late 2000s styles with flowing bib tops, maxi dresses, over-sized bags, and infinity scarves.

While Bohemian was at peak, the fashion industry was hit with the global recession, stunting the fashion industry and the thriving boho look in the process. After finding its feet, the fashion insiders found new it girls, hipsters, including the likes of doe-eyed Zoey Deschanel, who’s reluctant trend setting vibes made them a cultural phenomena.

Although styles never really do die. They’ll trickle onto retail store shelves of mainstream brands living for about two years longer than the last time we saw them on the runway, and their style will still continue to influence eager designers searching for creative inspirations and new ways to reinvent shapes.

Meet festival fashion – bohemia’s modern little sister.

Although it doesn’t look sheer dresses, flower tiaras, metallic and chainmail, festival fashion has all the same character threads and gyspy spirit of the Olsen Twin style of Boho chic. The excessive styles of the 2000s lives on in no other subgenre of style today other than festival fashion, and as you know millennials were made for the fashion cycle never throwing away a piece that remind of their childhood.

So where is Bohemia in 2019, living in repurposed in the weekend wear of an “it girl.”