Does Kourtney Kardashian already have a new man? Kourtney seems to be following in her little sister Kendall’s footsteps, jumping from one man to the next. The mom of three has a new boy toy, and it will surprise you even more than her last fling! Her to last two most recently known boyfriends, one being Scott Disick who she has three children with, the eldest Kardashian daughter already has a new man after just recently breaking up with her last boyfriend!

After breaking up with her last boyfriend about a month ago and after nearly 2 years of dating, he is said to have cheated on Kardashian, right after their romantic Italian vacation. Even though after Kourtney had her break up she has been communicating with Scott Disick more than ever, Scott is dating 22-year-old Sofia Richie. But as he’s made it apparent on the TV show, Scott definitely has feelings of affection for Kardashian… and it’s no secret.

But Kourtney has certainly moved on, and who could the new man be? Just like Scott, she’s dating a 20-year-old, they seem to just be getting younger and younger! The new guy is Lucas Shabad, Who not only is a model like her last boyfriend, but he’s even a friend of Kylie Jenner! Is it weird that Kourtney is dating one of Kylie’s friends?