This year has indeed been an incredible year for Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the Kardashians. She had her baby, Stormi in February of this year and since then it has been one good news to the other for Kylie.

She was featured in Forbes this year as one of the youngest billionaires in the world today. Her business, Kylie Comestics, is doing incredibly well and basically Kylie has remained in the forefront of the game.

Kylie Jenner recently as collaborated with a bunch of friends and family members on customized makeup palette and the new member of her family that she is set to collab with is her baby, Stormi. A fan took to Twitter to expressly state that she needs a Stormi palette and Kylie Jenner was quick to reply.

Well we guess a major collab is coming our way soon and we can’t wait. Kylie Jenner replied the fan by saying “I will do a Stormi collection when she can pick her own colors😜 only if she wants to.”

So this is enough hint that in a few years time when Stormi is old enough to pick her own colors then there will be a major collab on a makeup line. Kylie did a collab with her mom-enger, Kris Jenner earlier in the year and it was regarded as the best and funniest makeup drop of the year.

The makeup collab with her mum was majorly in honor of Mother’s day and the collection dropped May 13. We are definitely sure that the collab with Stormi in a few years time would hit the beauty industry and probably take over and we can’t wait.