Embracing your natural hair type isn’t always exactly the easiest thing to do especially when your hair is curly. It needs constant moisture, some type of frizz control, and it’s a lot more high maintenance than wavy or straight hair. And if you have curly hair, you’ve found yourself, at least once in your life, cursing it and wishing it was straight.

While curly hair can be quite high maintenance, it’s incredibly beautiful. It has great volume and looks lively so it’s time to embrace it instead of trying to change it. If you need some tips on caring for your curly hair, follow these tips and style your way to full and beautifully bouncy curls.

diffuserCo wash your hair. Co washing the hair means washing it with a cleansing conditioner. This will help nourish the hair while stripping it of dirt and impurities. Look for a cleansing conditioner that is free of sulfates and to prevent damaging the hair.
Deep conditioner. This is especially important if your hair is coarse or super thick. Curly hair is always thirsty especially at the ends so apply a deep conditioner on the ends of the hair.
After your shower, don’t touch your hair. To define curls properly, it’s important to pretty much leave it alone so don’t run a comb or your fingers through it. Also, don’t towel dry the hair because it will create friction and ruin the curl shape. Instead, invest in a microfiber towel and carefully scrunch up the hair with the towel to absorb extra water and moisture.
Leave-in conditioner. After you’ve finished absorbing the extra water out of your hair, spray a leave-in conditioner all over. Preferably a keratin one that will help give your hair shine and lock in all of the moisture you’ve put in your hair. Remember to apply any moisturizing products at the end of the hair to prevent your roots from going flat.
Invest in a diffuser. One of the most game-changing styling tools for curly hair is definitely the diffuser. The little hand looking tool attaches to your blow dryer and has opening all over to dry curly hair while keeping the curls intact. Using this item will be one of the best things you do for your hair.
See this whole curly hair regimen and more on curly hair in the playlist!
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