As New York Fashion Week comes to a close, like most fashionista we’re looking to the future of fashion. We give you the stats behind the next big event in fashion, London Fashion Week.

London Fashion Week actually consists of two weeks, occurring twice a year in February and September. The first London Fashion Week was in 1985 with everyone in the fashion industry spending £100 million (over $127 million) in orders during this week dedicate to UK fashion.

5,000 members of the press and buyers attend London Fashion Week. London being one of the four major fashion events alongside New York, Milan, and Paris.

The upcoming London Fashion week starts February 15 and concludes on February 19. Though this event has over 20 years of bringing fashionista to the UK, there are new changes that shook the fashion industry.

Last year LFW decided to ban fur, going fur-free for the first time. This change to London Fashion Week, could be the result of a big announcement by the most iconic brand in the UK, Burberry.

In September last year Burberry revealed that they will no longer be featuring fur following other brands who also made this decision including Versace and Gucci. Another big name in fashion from England, Stella McCartney, also made a stance against using leather or fur for her future designs.

Not only is Stella McCartney’s new designs are animal-friendly, but she is also looking to the future of fashion by using sustainable means for production through processing and sourcing materials. Being one of the biggest names in British fashion Burberry and Stella McCartney are sure to influence other designers to consider more sustainable options for their clothing lines in the future.

For more about the upcoming London Fashion week, check out the video above.