If you’re an avid fan of Tumblr, you’ve most likely seen or reblogged pictures of girls with the most perfect matte nails. The most popular ones are usually the matte black nails but they all look great no matter the color. We’re guilty of reblogging a picture of this nail look one minute, and running to the nail salon the next minute.

Now, we know matte nail polish exists and there’s no need to go to the salon but, what if you don’t have any at home? Those awesome nails are waiting and you don’t want to let them pass by. If you’re short on matte nail polish or have none at all, make your own with the easiest tutorial ever.

What you’ll need:


Corn starch
Clear nail polish
A toothpick
A small disposable plate

Now follow these steps:

Step 1. Pour out about a teaspoon of clear nail polish on your plate or enough to cover all fingers. You want to use a disposable plate because the polish may ruin any good plates once it dries.

Step 2. Add a small pinch of corn starch.

Step 3. Mix thoroughly with the toothpick and polish away.

Easiest tutorial ever, right? Also, you can make matte colored polish by switching the clear one for the color you like.
(Cover image: boomnails.tumblr.com)