So the hottie that you’ve been making eye contact with for the last few weeks or so at the coffee shop finally asked you out. Picking out an outfit for the night was easy since you’ve been thinking about what you would wear on your first date since you laid eyes on him (don’t deny it), but have you thought about your face? Should you go for a Kim Kardashian smokey eye or a Miranda Kerr natural, but polished look?

Most guys will almost all uniformly agree that they dislike makeup. They think it doesn’t look natural so they vote against it. Luckily for us, we’ve mastered the no makeup look and have a few tips that will have him making drooling for you all night.


Prep your skin with light exfoliation. There’s nothing better than a girl with polished skin that glows. Use your favorite exfoliator to buff away dead skin cells and reveal brighter skin.

Foundation. Go light on the foundation. Cakey, powdery makeup is unappealing to guys as well as girls so try a BB or CC cream instead. If you have oily skin, powder only those areas that need it.

Eyes. For your eyes, don’t go overboard with different eye shadows and techniques; keep it simple and just apply a nude base and curl your eyelashes. Apply mascara a coat or two of mascara and you’re good to go.

Lips and cheeks. Guys tend to feel intimidated when you have strong contours and bold lips so the easiest thing to do is apply a lip tint to both your lips and cheeks. Flushed cheeks are the one thing that guys do love because it’s flirty and cute and it seems like you’re genuinely interested in them.

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(Cover image: Jun Sato/Getty Images)