(Photo Credit: Kensington Palace/SussexRoyal/AFP/File)

The Duchess of Sussex Develops Charity with Fashion

Meghan Markle, the world’s favorite new Duchess of Sussex, seems to be in the news constantly lately. From her clothing “mishaps” at Wimbledon to her intentional (or not?) pairing with sister-in-law Kate Middleton, hardly an event can go by without Meghan being mentioned for what she is doing or what she is wearing.

And her fans aren’t the only ones who are noticing her excellent fashion sense. Meghan Markle recently guest-edited for British Vogue, the famous fashion magazine, where it was announced that she is releasing a clothing collection of her own — and even better? It’s for a good cause.

The Duchess shared that this clothing line will be a collection of workwear pieces that will benefit Smart Works, an organization she is deeply passionate about. It “provides clothes and coaching for unemployed women re-entering the workforce.” Every time an item is purchased, one additional item will be donated to charity.

While we do not yet know what is in the collection, we can imagine that if Meghan has anything to say about it, the collection will be as stylish as she is.