Meet Michael Maccari, the creative director at Perry Ellis where he has been watching trends come in and out for twenty plus years. He has a love for fashion and helping people come out of their comfort zone to create their own style. And when asked what is the best advice he could give some was Michael said hands down his best advice is to take risk and break the traditions that we have been told to follow.
With that being said there are three main rules that Michael believes can be broken at any given time. One of the top habits that can be broken for men is not wearing white after Labor Day. Michael believes that there should be no rule about wearing during certain seasons and should be worn all year around.
The second tradition that should be broken by men is when wearing denim. Denim is always appropriate and should be thought of as beyond the jean jacket and regular jeans. There are so many different blends and so many different usages for denim so don’t be afraid to give it a try all year round.
Lastly, throw your matching habits out the window and don’t be afraid to mix prints. No matter if its checks, strips, patterned anything goes if done properly. Whether you are adventurous in your style or not breaking these traditions will help you grow in your own style choices. Style is all about self-expression and that often starts with breaking a few rules along the way.