She Rocks Any Short Hairstyle With Grace

It’s not too late to get the hottest hairstyle of the year. Take it from Michelle Williams; get your hair done and look stunning doing it.

Michelle Williams is an actress known for her roles in “The Greatest Showman,” “Manchester by the Sea,” and “Shutter Island”… just to name a few. During her illustrious career, she has received a Golden Globe Award and has been nominated for four Academy Awards and one Tony Award for her acclaimed roles in some of the most talked-about movies in Hollywood.

Along with her awards and accolades, Michelle Williams is also known for her signature hairstyle, the pixie cut. But recently, Michelle Williams has been spotted rocking a new haircut.

During the premiere of her new film, “After the Wedding,” Michelle glided down the red carpet with a blunt platinum bob. But if you have been paying attention to her various red carpet appearances, she has been slowly growing it out in preparation for the new look. Her new bright blonde look featured a straight pixie cut with a deep side part.