When the trailer of “Aquaman” got released, the fans were in awe of how much the costumes looked like the comic’s. The lead actors, Jason Momoa who plays Arthur Curry/Aquaman with Amber Heard who plays Mera sat with entertainment weekly to talk about the challenges of the costumes.

The 39-year-old actor talked about the awkwardness related with wearing the costume, he said “It looks like it’s easy to pee in that, but really it’s not,” going on about the difficulties going to the bathroom in full costume.

“The Game Of Thrones” actor who is a father of 3 talked about his difficulty in using the toilet while wearing the costume with a very cute word. His co-star Amber Heard talked on how everything she had on her costume were complains as she was vacuum-sealed into the green costume, the 29 year old “The Danish Girl” actress plays Mera in the movie who is rumored to be Aquaman’s sister instead of lover, she compared the costume to wearing a corset.

She said, “Our costumes are so intricate. You have to move in it, you have to breathe in it, you have to live in it. It’s a whole other level of functional art.”

The movie held its premiere in London with a blue carpet while stars from the movie were busy signing autographs and taking selfies with their fans. Heard was in a green dress with a fish-scale print, while Momoa came in black leather jacket and jeans while he used his pitchfork in one of his photo sessions.

With its premiere, a lot of positive claims has been going on about it while some reviewers have said it might redeem DC’s brand. It is set to be released on December 21 at various cinemas.