We don’t call her the queen bee for no reason. Beyoncé, is an iconic singer and role model for many people. Her looks don’t disappoint, especially her hair. Here are her most iconic hair moments over the years.

First, was the z100 jingle Ball in 2003. She rocked a high-neck jumpsuit that went perfectly with one the chicest ponytails in history, she performed alongside her now husband Jay Z. Beyoncé practically brought short hair to life in 2014 at the 56th annual Grammy awards. She made her hair looked as if it was wet, with a perfect after beach wave, it was astonishing!

She looked amazing at the Tidal X 1015 concert. She rocked the Rapunzel look with a sleek, braided, never ending ponytail. It’s safe to say if she was ever locked in a tower, we would totally rescue her! Another timer hair looked amazing was at the MTV music award show in 2016. She wore her hair in a half up half down look, with a braid so unique no one even knows what it is called.

No one can forget Super Bowl 50. Maybe because Beyoncé gave a performance that is remember to this day, maybe because of her ability to rock puffy hair!

Lastly, the BET Awards in 2016. She rocked a gorgeous hair style that showed off her natural hair. If there is one thing we’ve learned from Beyoncé, it’s to make sure your hair always looks fantastic!