(Photo Credit: Beth Sacca)

Forget picking one color for your nails, use them all

When picking nail polish colors, you often go one of two ways: either picking a simple color or style that will match the various colors in your seasonal wardrobe or picking a specific color to complement an outfit for an upcoming event or vacation. But there is a way to combine the two—taking advantage of the hottest nail trend of fall.

Dubbed “skittle nails” the trend features a different color on each nail and then replicated in a different order on the other hand. Though it may seem that the trend is limiting to one only cool or warm tones or to stay within a color family, it is actually best when the colors are more mismatched.

(Photo Source: Instagram)

By using both warm and cool colors, pastels, bright tones, and neutrals, you can ensure your nails won’t look like anyone else and will match anything you wear. But just because the trend is called “skittles” doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go with all colors. Popular in the fall months, many have been seen making the skittles trend their own by using different shades of browns, creams, and nudes or even various shades of greys and white. That’s what makes it so easy—just about any color palette will work.

If you’re anything like me and struggle immensely with these types of decisions, see below for some #nailinspo to master the skittles trend.