Getting your hair done by someone else is such a lovely and relaxing experience and makes you look incredible. But when it’s you who has to do it, it can be tedious and time consuming. We can spend forever doing our own makeup but for some reason hair isn’t as gratifying. It’s not that we dislike our hair but sometimes getting a perfect winged liner feels a lot better than nailing that fishtail braid.

For those days when you need your hair to look good but have little time (and pretty much no motivation), try out these quick hairstyles.

The headband updo

Step 1. Grab your favorite headband and place it on your, over your hair.

Step 2. Start on either side and grab 1-2 inch pieces of hair. Twist the piece of hair and tuck it over the headband.

Step 3. Repeat until you’ve tucked in all the pieces of hair.

The 5 Minute Beach Waves

Step 1. Separate your hair down the middle so you have a right and left side. Spray some sea salt spray onto both sides.

Step 2. Create a bun and secure with a big pin. Do this with both sides.

Step 3. Blast some heat on both buns with your blow-dryer for a couple of minutes on each side.

Step 4. Take the hair pins out, dishevel the hair, and you’re good to go. Hopefully to the beach.

To see 2 additional hairstyles, check out the video!
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