(Photo credit should read ANGELA WEISS/AFP/Getty Images)

Rihanna Wants Women To Feel Confident Through New Collection

It was recently announced that pop star Rihanna would be releasing a line LVMH under her last name, Fenty. There has been quite a bit of build up in regards to this collection, with Rihanna most recently stating that her designs were made inspired by her now-curvy body, and with her now explaining the emotional inspiration behind her designs.

Rihanna has long come off as a very confident superstar, speaking out when she feels the need and sharing her confidence in various ways. With her new line, however, she wants to make other women feel confident. Through the designs she has created, she has aimed to provide women with “strong silhouettes” in a diverse way. She made this announcement at her recent, much-anticipated pop-up in a Paris store.

Rihanna’s new clothing collection will include a variety of pieces, from ready-to-wear items to accessories including shoes, jewelry, and sunglasses. It’s reflective of her claimed day-to-day style, sometimes including comfy sweatpants and sometimes switching to a flirty dress. Much of what she does is inspired by her mom, who Rihanna “wanted to be.”