SoHo is one of the most fashion-forward neighborhoods in New York City and is its name is short for South of Houston Street. This neighborhood has a mix of different types of styles like bohemian and artsy, but with a chic and modern twist, due to it being big in the art scene in the past. Now, while SoHo still remains with that artsy essence, it’s home to many high and low end stores where you can find just about anything for your particular budget.


A SoHo girl has a laid back style yet still knows how to incorporate trends into her look. If you want to dress like you’re from SoHo without actually being in New York, we’ve got some style tips for you.

Relax, it’s just an outfit. Ok, maybe when you’re picking out a look it’s not so relaxing and easy. Pick out something that simple and you feel comfortable in like you’re favorite t-shirt and a bottom that’s a bit busier like a flowy skirt. If all else fails, a jumpsuit is a two-in-one so reach for one if you’re not sure what to wear.

Bold accessories. Usually, little black dresses are a go to for a SoHo girl because it’s easy and goes with everything. The key to making that solid colored dress stand out are definitely the accessories. A brightly colored clutch or even shoes are the easiest way to take that dress or ensemble to the next level.

Something unique or vintage. If there’s one thing SoHo is famous for it’s definitely their vintage shops. Dressing SoHo chic always has something unique about it whether it’s a piece of jewelry or a vintage article of clothing. Accessorize with something that makes your look one of a kind.

Black leather jacket. Nothing is more versatile than a black leather moto jacket. If you feel look is maybe a little “too laid back”, throw on a black leather jacket and you’re instantly bringing it up a notch while getting some cool points as well.

To see some SoHo street style looks, check out the video.

(Cover and article image: Le 21 Eme)